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Welcome to My Unique Approach to Strategy and Planning

I take a different approach to strategy and planning.

My goal is to help changemakers map where you are.

My passion is helping you journey where you want to be. 

Strategic Advisor Services

Finding Your Flow

Uncover Your Purpose

Authentic Communication 

Head, Heart, Core

Creating a detailed plan to guide actions towards achieving long-term aspirations.

Customized coaching for professional, mindset, and growth.


Every Journey Needs a Starting Point: The Dig®

I start with The Dig®, a method created by Erin Weed and rooted in uncovering your truths and purpose. As a licensed facilitator of The Dig®, I guide you through a personal process of telling your story, while gleaning truth from your life experiences, together we create your unique operating system, and discover your ONE WORD to guide you. This process helps you settle into your truth and live in your alignment.

Sarah McArthur is an inspiration in the realm of personal growth and empowerment. As an eternal optimist myself, I was immediately drawn to her unwavering belief in the boundless potential within each of us.


Through her guidance as a facilitator for The Dig, Sarah provided me with a platform to not only refine my skills but to truly deepen my understanding of empowerment self-defense and holistic health coaching.


Sarah's approach is rooted in the firm belief that anything is possible—a philosophy that resonates deeply with my own journey of self-discovery and personal development. With her support, I've been able to cultivate my practice and refine my techniques, empowering individuals to harness their inner strength and embrace their innate potential.


Sarah's commitment to fostering growth and creating meaningful change is truly commendable. She embodies the essence of empowerment, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with her. Together, we are actively co-creating a world where everyone can thrive and live authentically.


Stephanie Cyr NBC-HWC - Personal Safety Expert meets Executive Health Coach


Mapping Out Your Dreams:

Strategic Roadmap Development

Now that we have deep clarity about who you are, we can map out your dreams with the development of a strategic roadmap. Whether you're just starting your journey or are already on your way, I can help. I take a holistic approach, starting with your why. Using the 7-layer deep method, we uncover the true reasons behind your journey and aspirations. 


Your The Dig® WORD and your WHY serve as anchors, keeping you grounded or acting as a North Star to guide you along your path. We then map your dream as if it has already come true and work our way back to where we currently are, creating a clear plan forward. We consider all aspects of your life—dreams, aspirations, health, family, values, mindsets, and patterns—so that when you reach your destination, you bring your whole self with you.



Navigating Challenges

Professional, Mindset, & Growth

The path to dream fulfillment can be hard and lonely at times. That’s why I offer coaching packages in professional, mindset, and growth coaching to help you work through any obstacles along the way. Whether you're facing external challenges or internal ones stemming from your patterns, mindsets, and lived experiences, coaching can help you level up, clear your mindsets, and overcome obstacles. Together, we'll create personalized action items to forge new pathways, habits, and life patterns.

In my professional interactions with Sarah, she’s proved to be creative, collaborative and pragmatic- excellent qualities in a business coach. Complemented by her extensive background in digital marketing and production, Sarah is a compelling resource for any entrepreneur or seasoned leader seeking advice on branding and sales strategies.


Heather Turnbull - Turnbull Consulting Group -


Empowering Your Team:

Authentic Communication

Often, we bring others along our path and want to empower them in their own journeys. With a foundation of quality collaborations, we can utilize Authentic Communication.


The Head, Heart, Core program, created by Erin Weed, is a 60-90 minute session designed to help teams communicate authentically, connect more deeply, gaining insights about their colleagues and themselves.

Join Me!

Let's take a transformative journey to uncover your true self, map out your dreams, and navigate the challenges along the way.

Let's bring your whole self to your next level!

To further help changemakers bring their dreams into reality, we provide premium creative, production and photography  services.

It's your time to shine! 

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