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What's Your Story?

Define Your Brand and Live It.


The Dig Process

A Unique Method of Unearthing Your Purpose.

Led by our a certified facilitator of The Dig® Sarah E. McArthur


Elevate Your Brand:

Unleash Authenticity with Power of XYZ


At Power of XYZ, Inc., we are more than just a full-service media and production agency. We are your partners in discovering your unique identity and creating a compelling brand presence. Our mission is to empower purpose-driven individuals and businesses like yours to connect with your authentic selves and share your unique voice with the world while making the most of the digital age. With our expertise, you can focus on what you do best, confident that your brand is in the right hands.


The Dig® process, a creation of Erin Weed, is the transformative key to unveiling your true purpose. Guided by our certified facilitator of The Dig®, Sarah E. McArthur, we engage in profound exploratory conversations that delve into your life's patterns and themes. These discoveries combine to create a unique operating system that resonates throughout your life, leading to the revelation of your Dig word, the essence of your purpose. This revelation is not merely a word; it's the key to unlocking hidden opportunities and setting you toward boundless possibilities. We encourage every organizational leader to embark on this journey, as it grants a comprehensive understanding of collective purpose and direction, shaping a brighter future for your brand, business or organization.

Sarah and her team took me on an incredible journey to fully uncover the What, Why, and How of my personal brand.  - Dr. Kate Webster


We dedicate our work to a purpose-driven approach, where our primary goal is to harmonize our direction, skills, and expertise seamlessly with our client's mission, knowledge, and skills. By fostering this alignment, we create a collaborative and authentic partnership, working hand-in-hand to achieve meaningful and successful outcomes. Together, we unlock the full potential of collective capabilities, ensuring that each step we take is purposeful, empowering, and in tune with the client's vision. Through this shared journey, we pave the way for genuine and lasting achievements, positively impacting the world around us.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Our partnership with Power of XYZ has been invaluable and a major contributor to our success. They have formulated a comprehensive plan that has garnered us attention on every social media outlet, and they have guided and supported us through every initiative.  Everything from our newsletter, podcast, webinars, press releases to organizing our Summit. We are grateful for this partnership! 

Arlene Limas OLY – CEO, PAVE Prevention

Working with Power of XYZ is always an absolute pleasure. Their performance as a company is not only delivered at a high standard of quality, but the humanity in their service is unparalleled. I not only know I'm in good hands when working with them, I feel it as well. Each and every one of their team members is someone I feel I can count on – not only to get the job done, but to share the story of ESD with the world and make our impact all the more powerful. For the creation of my website, I felt that my personal story was truly heard and transformed into an online reality.

Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman - CEO of MyPwr Ltd. and Founder of ESD Global Inc.

Working with Sarah McArthur, the CEO of the Power of XYZ, on developing my website, I knew I was in good hands from the start with her attention to detail, immediate follow up, and savvy guiding questions to clarify my needs. What I didn’t know was how little I actually knew about my needs. Sarah and her team took me on an incredible journey to fully uncover the What, Why, and How of my personal brand. She did this by using a process called “The Dig® - founded by Erin Weed - to uncover my purpose and align my authentic self with my words and actions. The results from this process fueled her and her team’s branding, visuals, content, and conception of the entire website. I no longer fear whether my website will be what “I need” as the Power of XYZ has ensured that it is 100% my authentic voice.

Dr. Kate Webster

When I signed up with Power of XYZ for a new website, I didn’t realize I would be getting so much more out of our collaboration. The Dig® with Sarah McArthur is a personal development process and it really opened my eyes to myself and how I operate in my professional and personal life. I can’t help but think of my “Dig word” when an issue comes up for me. I highly recommend the process for anyone who would like to get to know themselves better. Sarah is an active listener, empathetic person and highly intuitive. As a result of The Dig, the team at Power of XYZ created a beautiful website that reflected me and my values. Overall, they were a pleasure to work with!

Stephanie Cyr – Strength Within Self Defense


A Different Approach:

Skill, Technology, and Authenticity

Ensuring your success isn't just about having the right skills and mindset; it's also about having the right tools in place. At Power of XYZ, Inc., we've invested in high-end equipment, resources, and cutting-edge technology to make sure your unique needs are not only met but exceeded.  



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